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Project Recovery and Intervention

Project failure is a common thing.

A lot of factors could be responsible including project risks, improper project plan, lack of proper monitoring and control measures among others.

Our services in this area shall include the following;

  • Periodic quality/risk/assumption analysis and assessment. Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and also a formidable Risk Management Plan.
  • Service in the development of detailed and workable Project Management Plan.
  • An approach that focus on processes, people and technology.
  • Set up and management of change control - Effective use of Configuration Management that incorporates change control.
  • On-site assessment and realignment of project team competencies vs. roles and responsibilities.
  • Review and adjustment of project schedule and resource allocation.
  • Development of communication/decision protocol and escalation strategies.
  • Ongoing project oversight to closeout - monitoring and control.
If you have specific project requirements, please send email to projects@mcemtolconsulting.com, our team will contact you typically within 24 hours of your enquiry.

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